What Our Clients Are Saying

A picture is worth 1,000 words—luckily for our clients, we have both! So, don’t just take our word for it. Trust the beautiful pictures in our gallery and the glowing testimonials from our satisfied customers to convince you to work with our team of experts.

Matt & Brittany D.

When we started dreaming up our forever home, we wanted to be sure and find the right builder.  Throughout our search, one name, RR New Home Construction kept coming up.  We have absolutely loved working with them every step of the way.  We were hesitant about the process in the beginning because of the horror stories we had heard from family and friends about their experiences building.  I will say that our story was a very different one thanks to Rob and his team of contractors.  We were ecstatic about the entire process and whenever a concern arose, Rob was right there to put us at ease.  He was always very professional and incredibly easy to talk to.  It was less like working with a builder and more like having a project done by an old friend who was always looking out for our best interest and happy to explain the process and address any questions we had.  Any contact we had with Rob or his contractors was extremely pleasant and made for a truly memorable experience.  We would (and have) highly recommend Rob to anyone who is looking to build.  We ended up with a solid, well-constructed home that came out better than we could have expected.  We absolutely love our home and wouldn’t change anything about our experience.

Andy & Emily K.

When my fiancé and I started thinking about our future we both knew we wanted to build our first home instead of buying one and then building one later. And with R & R New Home Construction, they helped make that dream a reality. A year ago today we broke ground and I could see my dream come to life. Rob got all the people in place for us, from the blueprint designer to the construction crew to anything in between. That itself was a weight lifted. Being new home owners Andy and I were very nervous and stressed about it all, but with Rob handling all of the headaches we were at ease. He made sure to get the crews all there on time and as soon as the first crew was done the second came in. Rob and his crews were able to help us start our future together. 120 days later and we were moved in to our new home! We cannot wait to raise our family in this house that Rob helped make a home.

Rich & Donna F.

We had our final walk-through with Rob Wutzler of R & R New Home Construction today. It was like having THE BEST imaginable happy ending to our new home building story! As seniors with a limited budget and somewhat set income we were hesitant to make the leap from renting to once again being homeowners. R & R New Home Construction was highly recommended by someone we trust so we made the call and met with Rob; floor plans in hand and hearts in our throat, fully expecting to be told we were just dreaming. Rob was so easy to talk to; no sales pitch – just listened to what we were hoping to accomplish. He was not put off by our narrow financial parameters and answered all of our questions. We were impressed with his honesty and ideas. When we returned to hear the bid we still expected to hear the words ‘No Way’. Instead we were thrilled when Rob explained in detail how by working together we could actually build the home we wanted for the price we needed! The next hurdle was the location of the home site on the property we owned! It brought some unique challenges to say the least but Rob & his crew were definitely up to the task! Rob was in constant contact with us throughout the entire process; we always knew what was going to happen and when. We were provided contact information with all of the companies and sub-contractors involved, and they also communicated with us in great detail. We were impressed with the quality of work and attention to detail from Rob’s ‘tried & true’ circle of talented sub-contractors and suppliers. Rob was on top of the timing for each phase of the building process, everything from start to finish went like clockwork! We would happily recommend R & R New Home Construction to anyone considering building a new home! Thank you R & R New Home Construction for turning what we thought would be impossible into a dream come true!

Daniel H.

We had Rob build our custom home and couldn’t be happier.  Rob was fantastic!  From start to finish and even after Rob would tell us what steps we needed to take and was great at communicating what was going on at all times through the entire process.  He answered all of our questions even the ones I thought might be dumb.  If we had to do it all over again I wouldn’t go to anyone else.  Rob is the man!

Chris & Mindy B.

When we started our home building endeavor, we were looking for someone who paid as much attention to detail as we do ourselves, and to be honest, we went through A LOT of contractors.  We met with Rob of R&R New Home Construction LLC one time and both agreed before he even left our driveway (Yes!  He came to us) that they would build our new home- the home for which we’d been sacrificing, dreaming and promising our children we’d build and we weren’t willing to cut corners… Yes, this was our contractor!  Five quick months later, we moved into our beautiful home built on time, on budget and exactly to our liking.  Rob was always a text or a phone call away throughout the entire process and we now wake up every morning so thankful for our vision realized!  

Roy & Paula H.

We have been in our new home for six months and we have R & R New Home Construction to thank for that. This was the first time we ever went through the construction process and we really had no idea what was involved. R & R New Home Construction made the entire process seamless from start to finish. Rob and Kristi Wutzler were amazing to work with and were always available to answer our questions or concerns. Rob always made sure we knew exactly what the next step would be and made sure everyone involved was on the same page. We would definitely recommend R & R New Home Construction to anyone looking to build. Thanks again to Rob & Kristi for building our wonderful new home.

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